Baby Alive

This Baby Alive Baby All Gone doll is one hot toy! My kids took it for a test run and are obsessed. And I can tell you that every little friend that has recently visited for a play date is also ultra obsessed with this adorable toy. Baby Alive makes real sounds and says phrases all about Feeding her "More Bananas" or "More Juice Please" and other cute sayings to prompt the kids to feed her bananas or juice from the Magic Sippy cup she comes with. Also, Mackenzie and Kyle are most impressed with the special spoon that clicks on bananas that then disappear when Baby Alive swallows them. And the best part is this particular Baby Alive is not annoying to Mom or Dad and truly doesn’t really require much parental instruction either. At $19 at Walmart this is truly a value toy that the kids will love and is easy on your wallet. It’s featured as one of Walmart’s top toys this season too so shipping is free online on this and all of their top toys which I love. This time of year I practically refuse to pay for shipping when so many retailers have such great free offers going on. Baby Alive Baby All Gone is a hit in our house. Classy Mommy approved! Disclosure: Walmart provided me with a gift card to purchase items from their Top Toy List to facilitate this review. Price: $19

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