Baby B’air Flight Safety Vest

Classy Mommy is ultra impressed with this safety item for babies traveling by airplane. The Baby B’air is a vest that your lapheld infant or toddler (under 2 years old) can wear which enables you to strap your safety belt into the back of their vest to keep your child secure. Considering most parents to do not purchase a ticket for kids under age 2 – this seems like a really wise investment considering children can be injured during in flight turbulence. It is surprising that as a parent we’d never consider driving a car without our children in a car seat, yet we all fly without any safety equipment for children. This product has been on the market for a few years and I’ve been seeing more and more press about it – I’m anxious to buy one for Kyle for his first flight if we are unable to purchase a seat and bring his car seat on the plane. Perhaps, as the Baby B’air gains exposure the FAA will make these safety vests a requirment fir children under 2. Fantastic innovation. Add this item to your registry of must haves for travel equipment. For more information, click here. Price: $26

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