Baby Shower Extravaganza Recap

What a night. I couldn’t be more excited to have hosted this fabulous event with my girlfriends from Mommies with Style and the Chester County Moms. Showering new Moms and Moms to Be with goodies is so much fun! I wish I could do an event like this every month!

With wild storms hitting our area hours before our big event, things got hectic. Luckily our facility had power and we all made it there to shower our expecting Moms.  (However I was about 3 hours late to set up – it took me that long to travel 12 miles as just about every road was closed and I became trapped in traffic on back country roads with enormous trees and power lines down everywhere! That’s why it is important to work on a team since my girlfriends were able to make it there on time. Ironically, I’m the one with power now and they don’t have any in their homes – and might not for several days!)

Everyone was able to enter raffles to win all kinds of baby goodies from tons of  incredible national sponsors like Munchkin, Saftey 1st, Happy Baby, Britax, Scandinavian Child and more. We also had many local sponsors like KinderMusic, My Gym, and mompreneurs like The Diaper Wrangler and Lina Bean – two of my personal favorite crafty Moms from Philly.

Our biggest prizes of the night came from our event sponsors – Graco and Huggies.  Huggies gave away a year supply of diapers to one lucky Mom to Be – along with showering all our guests with packages of Little Snugglers and Little Movers diapers. How cool is that?

Here is our big winner Susan – who can’t wait to have 1 free year of Diapers thanks to Huggies!

Moms received touch ups and mini makeovers from Calista Spa and snacked on yummy chocolate cupcakes upon arrival. We had quite a few little adorable arrivals in attendance too! And Moms looked beautiful wearing their baby bumps!

Below is Karen with her darling newborn daughter. I loved reconnecting with Karen…. after some 30 years. She ended up recognizing me when she remembered we went to preschool together! Turns out we even realized we attended each other’s birthday parties. What a cool coincidence!

Graco gave away a Snug Ride 35 Car Seat to one lucky Mommy and gave our entire audience a big Oprah moment when all 100 guests left with a digital baby monitor from Graco.

Even better, we donated over 50 boxes of diapers from our guests to the Maternal and Child Health Consortium of  Chester County to help those new Moms in need of assistance. And thanks to Huggies we were able to donate another $750 of diapers thanks to their generous donation to support our Baby Shower Extravaganza and our efforts to make a difference in our community.

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