Baby Tooth Timeline & Awesome Teethers from MAM

Here’s what you most want to know when it comes to teething.

Every seasoned Mama remembers the days of drama when their babies were teething and new Moms are always full of teething questions.The  most popular question is about when that 1st tooth will make it’s appearance – often MONTHS after the drooling and teething symptoms begin.

Here’s a great snapshot on when Baby Teeth will make their appearance from this Baby Tooth Timeline from Parenting Magazine.

  • 6 months: lower central incisors
  • 8 months: upper central incisors
  • 10 months: lower and upper lateral incisors
  • 14 months: first molars
  • 18 months: canines
  • 24 months: second molars

Remember this timeline is really just made up of  averages. Every child is different. My daughter was slightly dentally delayed when it came to her molars – she honestly didn’t get the 24 month molars until she was 4 1/2- 5 years old!

If your looking to soothe the aches of teething, be sure to keep excellent teethers handy – in your purse, diaper bag, car, at grandma’s house, and of course all over your own home! Teething tots want to bite and chew on everything, so it pays to be prepared with a  comforting teether instead of using that sharp and dangerous keychain of yours as a teething toy!

Here’s a few of my favorites teethers from MAM. They make cute stocking stuffers for babies too.

Most importantly, all MAM teethers are BPA free. And of course you can keep them cool if you’d like too. I always had my freezer stocked with teethers when my tots were tiny.

MAM offers starter teethers too that clip on for even the youngest newborns needing relief. Available in pink, green, or blue.


The play style teethers are always fun – with rattles and spinners.

Disclosure: Classy Mommy is a MAM Ambassador for 2012. . As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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