Bacara Resort & Spa of Santa Barbara – Give this resort the Date Rose!

One of my guilty pleasures in life is watching The Bachelor. I know, you can argue with me all day your personal opinions on whether the show is staged or whether anyone finds true love, but I honestly don’t want to know the truth. I want to live in blissful ignorance that these magical, dream-date excursions are all they’re cracked up to be. So when I stepped out of my car at the   Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara last week, I felt like I had stepped right into the show (minus the attractive love interest and elimination ceremonies of course!)

My first stop was the pool area overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I think I could stop right her with this pic, and you’d be sold.

And up  next was my fantasy suite…um, I mean room. My own veranda and fireplace?! I had to give you a personal tour.

Despite the amazing room I had at the resort, it wasn’t too hard to get out of bed at 6 AM for a run this path beside a small cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just imagine the beach on my left.

Now, I’m from the South, and where I come from, we call cruising in your car “scooterpootin’.” I took a drive around wine country, and this is the ultimate place for ya’ll scooterpooters out there. Try it some time. Crank up some Kenny Chesney and enjoy the view. I had to pull my car to the side of the road to get this shot.

Ok so I another reason this whole trip felt like Chris Harrison planned it was that our lunch was served at a vineyard near and dear to my heart.

Yep, it was Andrew Firestone’s family’s vineyard! Well, at least it was before they sold it a few years back.

While all good things must come to an end, if I had one date rose to give out, the Bacara Resort would get it hands down. Two days is just enough time to fall in love. But I want a long-term relationship!

Disclosure: Thanks to Honda for paying our travel expenses to stay at the Bacara Resort & Spa.

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