Back to Pre-School in Style!

After 4 months of the extended pre-school style summer break, my little preschooler couldn’t have been more excited to return to the classroom. As a returning student, this transition definitely was a lot easier than her first “separation” from Mommy.

Taking pictures of the big day will help me remember it years from now. The highlight of my own back to school memories is that classic morning “before school” photo. Hopefully, this will help her remember the moment years from now too.

3 year old Kenzie’s overall emotions were positive as she has been anticipating the big day for over a month! We’ve had her outfit picked out for ages. Clothes are very important to my little Fashionista, so seriously, she selected this outfit over a month ago.

I lost the “pants” or “shorts” argument a long time ago as Kenzie is all about skirts or dresses right now. I knew her favorite jean skirt would make her feel fabulous and give her an extra boost of confidence on the big day. We even planned a short sleeve and long sleeve top to go with her skirt so she could make a game day decision based on the weather! Very cute.

And here are her adorable socks and her favorite “tap” dancing shoes that function just fine on the playground too.

Outfit selection my seem trivial when it comes to back to school, but I think that as a Parent you need to focus on what is important to your kids to be sure they are confident & secure for the big day. I profess style ranks high on my 3 year old’s agenda. And walking into the classroom today, one of the little boys in her class was decked out in his Philadelphia Eagles outfit – his version of the power outfit.

With any new experience a case of nerves is to be expected. This summer, when dealing with anxiety over a one week summer day camp, I found really and truly talking with Kenzie about her worries helps us get to the bottom of it and alleviate her nerves.

So, last night Kenzie and I had a pow wow about the big day. Kenzie explained she was definitely a little scared. When I asked why she gave an adorable answer with a valid concern.

She feared they might turn out the lights.

Yes Kenzie is so afraid of the dark she is actually afraid of the shade. We had a good laugh about her fear together when we talked about how “ridiculous” it would be for them to turn off all the lights and even if they did for some reason turn them off, it would still be daylight out and her classroom has plenty of windows. And that was the end of her fears!

Back to school drop off went fabulous. For the 1st day, I walked her into the classroom so little Kyle and I could properly see her off. She’s already loving every minute of it!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hallmark. The thoughts shared above on going back to preschool are my own 🙂

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