Back to School Essentials: Lunchskins Bags #Lunchskins

We heart Lunchskins. Stylish, cool, functional and eco-friendly. And totally essential for us this year in our back to school routine for the kids. I’m making a huge effort to use less plastic bags in my kids packed lunches for school so these are the perfect alternative and my kids enjoy the fun patterns appearing each day in their lunch bag too. Everything from frogs to stripes to sharks.

If your looking for a reason to ditch the plastic baggies and switch to Lunchskins, I’m sure this stat will convince you. I found it staggering!

Did you know that U.S. Citizens use 100 Billion plastic bags every year? Gasp! Did you know it takes 1,000 years for each plastic bag to degrade?

You can even buy the Lunchskins 2 at Target (in the aisle where they sell water bottles) for $10.99. ClassyMommy even appeared in an insert for Lunchskins with some BTS tips alongside other Mom bloggers. Fun!

Gap Kids is selling Lunchskins too or purchase online at

More compelling and scary stats on plastic bags – and why it’s important for us Moms to try to find alternatives for snack bags when we’re packing school lunches.

Total number of plastic bags used worldwide annually1 trillion
Total number of plastic bags China consumes everyday3 billion
Total number of plastic bags used every minute1 million
Total number of years it takes for a plastic bag to degrade1,000 years
Total amount of plastic bags that were discarded in 20083.5 million tons
Total amount of plastic floating in every square mile of ocean46,000 pieces
Average amount of plastic bags consumed per family in 4 trips to the grocery store60
Percent of plastic made every year that will end up in the ocean10%
Total amount of plastic bags used by U.S. citizens every year100 billion
Average amount of plastic bottles a U.S. household will use each year500 plastic bottles
Percent of household waste that is plastic11%

Note: I’m on the advisory board for Lunchskins. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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