Barbie Design and Dress Studio Review

Budding fashionista girls will love this new set from Barbie that lets you design and create your own dress for Barbie. The Barbie Design and Dress Studio.

I absolutely loved the concept behind this product and everything about it. Easy to use, fun for girls, and it most importantly it was easy to do with out any excess silly complicated instructions. 6 year old Kenzie also approves !


It’s simply too and priced at only $22 – including the doll, 5 dresses, stencils markers, and stickers it’s a fantastic value.


Above is one of the dresses that 6 year old Kenzie designed and decorated. She LOVED this set and had so much fun doing it. It was so easy to do and figure out that she had ZERO help from Mom or Dad with this set. Hooray! That is a first for Arts and Crafts kits as usually I find they are somewhat complicated and require a fair amount of parental involvement.


These are some of the main supplies that arrive in the box with the new Barbie doll. 5 total dresses, 3 markers, stencils and stickers too!


After designing and coloring in the dress, you simply tear it out of the paper package and dress your Barbie.

Here’s our video review of the Barbie Design and Dress Studio set:

So simple but lots of fun. As you can see below, they also sell additional refill kits so you can buy more designing goodies like stickers, foils or ruffles.


Disclosure: Thanks to Mattel for sending us this sample unit to facilitate our feature review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are m own and Kenzie’s. 

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