Barbie Pet Doctor Kit

The kids have been playing non stop with this cozy puppy for the last 48 hours. Mackenzie received this adorable, lovable, and fun Barbie Hug ‘n Heal Pet Doctor Kit from her girlfriend Gracie as a gift for her 4th birthday party. At $25 this kit is a huge bang for your buck and will keep the kids very entertained. The plush puppy comes in a special animal carrying case that comes complete with doctor tools (a stethescope, shot, thermometer) and a magnetic baby bottle and dog bone which trigger licking and slurping sounds when placed by the pups lips. The puppy also appears to come alive as it has 4 hidden little buttons deep in its fur which trigger barking, whining, and other very realistic doggy sounds. This pup is a total hit and I think my kids feel like they adopted a brand new pet for the family. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $25

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