Barbie Sketch Portfolio and Artist Tote

Check out these fun brand new Barbie Sketch Portfolios and Artist Tote kits that come complete with stickers, stencils, markers, coloring pages, and more. Little girls can design fashions, shoes, jewelry, and more with all these easy to use tools.

Take a peek at the Artist Tote set that also came with a coloring pad with 40 sketch sheets, 77 stickers, 4 stencil sheets, 10 markers, and a styling tote you can carry and file away all your artistic supplies within.

Sold at Walmart, the Barbie sketch portfolios sell for $10 and the Artistic Tote combined with the mini sketch portfolio is on sale for $18. These make great gifts for birthday parties, Easter baskets or other fun occasions. Ideal for girls who love crafting and already have lots of toys as they never tire of drawing.

Kenzie has a great imagination and loves artistic activities so these Barbie Sketch portfolios are a huge win in our house as they allow who to become an instant fashion and jewelry designer.

You can also create your own Free Barbie Printable Coloring Pages to print and color here too.

Note: We received these products as media samples to facilitate our review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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