Barbie Thumbelina DVD and Dolls

Finally in stores! We’ve been waiting for Barbie Thumbelina to hit ever since Kenzie (and Mommy!) fell in love with Barbie & the Diamond Castle last fall. I’m sure this tale of the tiny Thumbelina style fairies will be adorable and we’re excited to see how the film will highlight nature and caring for the environment. The toys & dolls in store have already captured our attention. We especially were impressed by the eco-friendly packaging. You can touch and feel the toys which is fun for the kids, but more importantly, they are all placed in open recycled style brown boxes instead of wrapped in plastic like normal. I know what the Easter Bunny and the Spring Fairy will be bringing Mackenzie this year! There is also a coupon for $3 off the DVD at Walmart in this issue of All You magazine. Classy Mommy approved. For more information, click here. Price: $12

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