Batman vs Superman Toys Galore

The new Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice is hitting theaters. Just in time for the new movie, Walmart has Batman vs. Superman toys galore along with cozy fun bedding themed out to the new flick. Check out some of my photos highlighting the latest finds you’ll spot in your local Walmart store from toys to bedding. Even cooler, be sure to play the “Choose your hero” game at for a chance to win votes and prizes !

Play the Choose Your Hero Game at Walmart

Play the “Choose your hero” game at! Win votes and digital prizes that can be downloaded instantly. When you’re done, shop all our Batman and Superman gear online.

Playing is easy – just visit  to play!

Batman vs Superman Toys Galore

Walmart sent me on a mini mission to check out the latest merchandise available supporting the new movie…… And let me tell you there was all kinds of awesome super hero goodies to be found in store!

Think all kinds of new dolls and figures along with Hot Wheels vehicles and mini playsets themed out to the new movie. Wonder Woman is making a big comeback with this new film and everyone that has seen it is all over loving her girl power so I think the Wonder Woman toys that are part of the new Batman vs. Superman franchise will be hugely popular.

Walmart also has some great graphic books including a combo Batman / Superman story plus cute Funko Pop figures too!


Batman vs. Superman Bedding

Fleece, soft, and cuddly blankets and pillows at very low pricing are a really easy way to update a little boys nursery into a big boy’s bedroom themed out Superhero style.

Beyond all the cool toys, movies, books, and bedding, Walmart also has themed Batman vs. Superman apparel too – like tees for both Adult and kids priced at $8.96 and $7.97. Nice!

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