Beach & Poolside Fun

More photos! It’s easy to acclimate to life in the sun by the pool and in the sand. We’re having a great time at Beaches in Turks & Caicos – the best part is all the family time together without life’s regular distractions.

Kyle’s fave activity is definitely digging in the sand.

Kenzie’s fave activity is jumping the little waves of the Caribbean when she’s not living it up on the waterslides – which we love too!

Both kids love running along the beach – it’s never ending fun for them to just be free and RUN.

By the pool in the cabana. Life is good for these kids. I think we need to send them to some kind of boot camp when we get home so they don’t too spoiled from all this luxury.


Kenzie is never far from her goggles. Even when eating lunch or lounging in a chaise.

Sunset on the dock. We could spot needlefish in the water earlier in the day.

Loving my boy.

Dining at the end of the day at the Bare Foot restaurant in the Italian Village. Literally tables in the soft Caribbean sand – so we all took off our shoes and enjoyed the sand between our toes during dinner.


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  1. WOW! What an awesome birthday!!! Boston was looking over my shoulder while I was reading this and he was like ‘is that my friends, mommy?’ I said ‘That’s Kenzie & Kyle-you’ve met them before, buddy!’ Then he said he’d love to play with them. =) Super cute.

    You guys were treated like total rockstars! What a great vacation. Enjoy!

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