Bearing it up at Build-a-Bear

What a special day – for both the kids and Mom!

Kenzie was invited to a 5 year old birthday party at Build a Bear for my girlfriend’s daughter Ava. The party was adorable! And the big kids loved making Build-A-Bears and then topping off the party with lunch at Ruby’s.


Of course we couldn’t let the 3 year old kids miss all the fun. So we let Brynn and Kyle make their own bears too. This was Kyle’s very first experience making a Build-A-Bear so all the girls were so excited to help him out selecting his bear and a “boy style” outfit.

He went for a Phillies theme and it is adorable- complete with cleats and a baseball cap.

Here’s Kyle after stuffing the heart in his bear – after making a wish on it and doing the special little song & movements as instructed. His wish was “To go to Disney again” which we all thought was very sweet.


Kyle’s favorite part of making the bear was definitely taking the bear to the fluffing and washing station. He has always gone into the store and pretended to do this and this was definitely what he was anticipating the most. He did a great job with the brush and air making his new bear look just right.



Can you tell how excited he is? And his new bear is now a beloved friend that is coming with us everywhere. Named Fluffy. Just like his sister’s bear!


How stinking cute is Fluffy in his Phillies uniform? I love it!


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