Bee Bop Band Music Toy Set

The Bee Bop Band is a Classy Mommy all time favorite toy. All children love music and I constantly recommend the Bee Bop Band to inquiring friends and readers. Kenzie received this as a 1st birthday present and 2 years later this toy is still an ever popular fixture in our household for my own kids and for every guest who visits. I love that NO batteries are required which is a huge bonus. And besides the actual banging, shaking, rattling, and drumming of the instruments by future musicians, parents will be thrilled for their children to have a beloved toy that is void of any weird electronic sounds or voices. And besides affordability and durability, the real reason this toy is a winner is the fact that it will continue to grow with your children from 6 months of age to 6 years+. Kyle started banging away on this drum and shaking the Bee rattle after 6 months and Kenzie at age 3 still plays with this toy almost daily! For more information, click here. Price: $23

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