Behind the Scenes at Classy Mommy Headquarters Prepping for our Holiday Mom Mixer #mommixer

This past weekend, before the craziness of Hurricane Sandy hit us, we tackled packing the gift bags for the upcoming Holiday Mom Mixer I’m hosting with my very good friend Whitney from Mommies with Style. Here’s just a taste of the manual labor involved behind the scenes as we prep for our event.

A crazy mess Рbut also fun!  And yes, this is what 200 toys from Hasbro look like in my garage. 100 boxes were delivered too!

Hasbro is the Title sponsor for our Holiday Mom Mixer and we are excited to shower all the Moms attending our event with this hot toy for 2012. Can you tell what it is ? Figured we didn’t want to give it all away by naming the toy……….. but obviously you ¬†might be able to guess!

This is just a taste of our efforts as there is all kinds of goodies for the guests attending our Mom Mixer.


The kids were a gigantic help – having 4 kids to add 8 extra hands to our efforts made a huge difference. Plus, everything is thrilling for kids. As you can see all the cardboard boxes became toys to walk around in robot style along with becoming excellent construction material for a huge fort in our driveway.

However, I confess, Whitney and I both ended up temporarily injured from all our lifting, stair climbing, bending and stuffing. I think we’re getting old!







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