Behind the Scenes: Filming a Commercial for General Mills at Walmart

I’m excited I can finally share more details about the Walmart commercial I filmed a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. I teamed up with another Mom to talk delicious breakfast options that her family would love during the hustle and bustle of Back to School.

We filmed LIVE at a Walmart in Los Angeles. Filming in a real store makes the commercial very authentic, as the two of us really are going on our own shopping adventure in store.

You can check out our Walmart General Mills cereal commercial here:


I’m cereal obsessed and a big breakfast person, so this was a perfect fit for me. Our commercial focuses on General Mills cereals found at Walmart. Did you know Walmart carries over 100 cereals that are all under 130 calories or less per serving? Really!

One of my favorites is Honey Nut Cheerios, but I profess I’m a “Mixer” when it comes to cereal and I combine multiple flavors into one yummy bowl that I’ll even top off with fresh fruit.



Being on location creates the perfect in-store environment but it’s definitely somewhat challenging compared to the other on-camera work I’ve done live in a studio. Think of all the unplanned and unpredictable distractions that can occur when your filming in a Walmart parking lot! Shopping cart traffic, cars bipping by in the parking lot, customers bopping in and out of the store entrance, and all kinds of outside influences that we couldn’t control.

I had so much fun filming with Becky. It was a 1st commercial for both us so we were able to share our excitement together about everything – from getting our hair and make up done, to worrying about our outfits, and just being thrilled to film a commercial together!

Becky was an instant best friend and I’m so glad I was able to be on camera with another Mom.

Here’s us posing after we walked into Walmart:


It was incredible to see the effort involved in creating a 30 second commercial. I seriously had NO idea about everything that happens behind the scenes or that it can actually take hours to film all that you need to create that 15 or 30 second TV spot.

So although we’re just real moms chatting about breakfast, we did this for quite a few hours to be sure it looked just right on camera!

We had a crew of over 15 people supporting our shoot – multiple cameras, representatives from Walmart and General Mills, sound guys, and a makeup artist constantly touching us up – which we loved and was obviously very surreal!

We had a ton of laughs during the most challenging part of our day….. what I like to think of as Cereal Choreography. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it might look to push a cart down an aisle, quickly hold a conversation about yummy cereal options, while we both grab a box of cereal – without any loud noises and unpredictable outside influences happening in store.

More fun photos from the shoot:

Check out our parking lot set up. Yes, they are really surrounding us with poster board to prevent glare and shadows and to create whatever camera magic they needed to happen in the bright sunlight.


Photos in store while we are filming. Notice the customers in the background checking out the scene. Fun!




Selfie when we wrapped for the day!



I’m not sure who is more excited about my upcoming Walmart commercial – the kids or me! They can’t wait to see Mom on TV although my youngest is confused that I filmed it weeks ago and he hasn’t seen it on TV yet……

Note: I’m a Walmart Mom. I’m compensated for my time and efforts creating posts and filming. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I saw the commercial a few days ago and as soon as I saw it I slapped Hubby on the arm and said I Know Her! Of course he thought I was nuts and then I explained how and that you were a fellow Blogger…

    You did a great job and the commercial looked so natural like you did it in one shot….

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