Behind the Scenes: Filming with Febreze Air Purifiers #TrueSmells

This summer we partnered with Febreze Air Purifiers to create a series of videos with tips and tricks to keep your home smelling FRESH. This is one of the funnest projects I’ve ever been able to collaborate on with a brand. I love working with my kids and we were able to film everything at home and include the entire family!  Below I’ve got photos and scoop on what it was like to film at our house along with a bunch of the cool videos they created.

Febreze Air Purifiers also added our clips to their YouTube channel  – you can check out playlist here too.

You can learn more about Febreze Air Purifiers on their website here – we love the Febreze Air Purifiers in our home – awesome product and so easy to use.

Behind the Scenes: Filming with Febreze Air Purifiers

 The camera crew arrived at 7:00 in the morning to start setting up. Mike went off to work while the kids and I held down the fort for the majority of filming all day long. We had Mike come home early at 4:00 to then jump into a few more scenes of him running in the neighborhood and then of us all eating dinner as a family. We actually were able to really EAT the fish tacos that I created during our day of filming.  Trust me – it’s a process! Figuring out where to shoot in our home, what light would work best, and where to set up a green screen for specific footage they needed to create with me that could then be used ANYWHERE later on. 

The kids were WOWED by the process and loved everything about it. The morning was mostly all me and then in the afternoon the kids were able to take a more active part in various scenes.

Yes, I really had to make sandwiches for the kids lunch, fry fish for dinner, and we all got to play monopoly too!

It was a long but FUN day. If you ever wonder why professional commercials and camera work looks so fabulous, it goes well beyond them just having a far more amazing camera. The camera uses multiple cameras at once to capture various angles not to mentions filming so many different tidbits that they can than mash together with a voiceover to create an incredible 15-30 second clip.

Classy Mommy Febreze Air Purifiers Video  Segments

The camera crew and agency created a ton of various vignettes with each one being cut to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. So all in all I think there was like 15 videos they made from all our activities! Here are a few fun ones:

Kitchen Tips from Febreze Air Purifiers

Reducing Smells from the Kids Bedrooms

Controlling & Reducing Dust in Your Home
We were really able to play monopoly for quite a while when the crew was working on various camera work throughout the house. Fun!

Laundry Tips with Febreze Air Purifiers
Mike even gets to go for a run in this 15 second clip!

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