Believe and Train Medal Rack Review for Your Athletes

Must have for the athlete’s bedroom! Check out our Believe and Train Medal Display Review for the scoop on this genius and super easy to use medal display rack. Do you have seemingly thousands of medals and ribbons floating around your house? Do you find them in the kitchen, laundry room, dressers, desks, and everywhere in between? That’s what our house could be like after a big swim meet. Finally, we got around to searching up options to buy “medal racks” or “medal stands.” We even went to hardware store and bought curtain rods to see how that would work! Buying a medal rack is definitely your best bet!

Sports Medals Display Rack

Check out our photos to see how we ultimately displayed our kiddos medal collections.

Medal Rack Reviewieve and Train Medal Rack Review

Believe and Train Medal Rack Review

Eventually we settled on Believe and Train medal racks and hangers after lots of searching for possibilities online.  These are super awesome racks to hang your medals on because they have quotes on them! One of ours says “NEVER GIVE UP” over a thin sleek black rod type thing that hangs the medals flushed against the wall so it barely takes up any space in our rooms.

You can take a peek at the options here: Believe &Train Never Give Up – Motivational Medal Hanger

These racks are perfect because they hold up plenty of medals without clattering to the ground. They also look great in your room with the quote on them!

A few sample quotes include: Nothing is Impossible, Never Give Up, Live Love Run, and more!

 Displaying Awards and Medals for Motivation and Style

We ended up buying both kids some standard beadboard shelves that come with knobs plus the Believe and Train Medal Rack. We purchased a white beadboard knob & shelf from Amazon for Kenzie to match the decor in her bedroom and we ordered Kyle a beadboad shelf from Pottery Barn Teen to match his bedroom loft set – these shelves were great since we could both hang medals and then display trophies or photos on the top shelf.

Kyle Medal Rack

Medal Rack Review


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