Berry Mint Yogurt Parfait Recipe

With summer around the corner, we’re incorporating all kinds of fresh berries into our diets. This week our daily after school snack for the kids was Berry Mint Parfaits. A total treat that is also beyond healthy. Check out our scoop below to see our Berry Mint Yogurt Parfait Recipe details.

Berry Mint Yogurt Parfait #glutenfree


We add fresh mint leaves to our berry yogurt parfaits as the mint adds an incredible POP of flavor that works wonderfully with berries plus, it’s a sneaky way for this Mama to add GREENS to my children’s diet. 

Picking the Best Berries in Stores

I love walking into the store and seeing all the available berries in stock on shelves now that it’s May and summer is arriving. I can’t resist buying loads and loads of berries given I know that are healthy for my kids and full of fiber and antioxidants. To pick the freshest fruit – that will stay fresh before we eat it, I am sure to TOUCH both my raspberries and my strawberries to make sure they are FIRM before I take them home. Raspberries spoil especially fast so I definitely choose the firmest berries available or I won’t buy them.


Usually, it’s not a challenge for us to eat our fruit before it spoils given my ravenous children, however, if I notice my berries are looking peaked, I pop them in a ziploc bag and place them in our freezer so we can make smoothies with them later on!


Berry Mint Yogurt Parfait Ingredients & Instructions

Berry Mint Parfait Recipe

You can pick up all the basics to make your Berry Mint Yogurt Parfaits at your local Walmart. And the beautiful thing about making parfaits is that there are NO hard or fast rules as far as ingredients go. Add whatever your heart desires to your Berry Mint Parfaits! Here’s how we made our parfaits this week.

Sliced Fresh Organic Strawberries

Fresh Organic Blueberries

Fresh Organic Raspberries

Fresh Mint Leaves

Organic Vanilla Yogurt

Gluten Free Udi’s Granola 

You can simply use whatever berries you have in your fridge or are on sale that week based on the season. We use organic Vanilla Yogurt in our parfaits but you could use plain greek yogurt and even sprinkle in some honey to make it sweeter if you’d like.

Kenzie and Kyle are building their own parfaits here – layer by layer.

Making Berry mint parfait

My kids LOVE being involved in making their own parfaits and I find incorporating them into the building of their own parfaits makes them want to eat healthier and they pour on the green mint leaves. Woohoo!

I recommend you or your children LAYER their ingredients in cups to build a perfect tasting parfait. Start with Yogurt, add granola, then add fruit and mint. Repeat the pattern 3 times. Eat and enjoy!

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