Best Comfortable Cat Tent Bed

YES! The Cat Person brand truly understands Cats needs and desires. This truly is the Best Comfortable Cat Tent Bed. If you are looking for a cozy cat tent that your kitty will actually use than look no further!

Check out the best comfortable cat tent bed EVER from the Cat Person brand. This tent bed canopy combo is BEYOND comfortable and your feline friend will actually utilize this cozy tent! Check out Stitch our kitty in this tent. Isn’t she a cutie?

We’ve bought countless various tents and beds for her to enjoy and until Cat Person’s Cat Canopy, everything was a total bust!

The Cat Person brand is genius and truly does their research in designing products, toys, and foods for cats striving to meet their needs. We are so happy Cat Person reached out to @Purrfect.Stitch and ClassyMommy so we could connect with them to test out new items for review.

Purrfect Stitch definitely loved this assignment too!!!

Best Comfortable Cat Tent Bed

In the past, we’ve tried super cute options from Five Below, Target and local pet stores…. we’d purchase the tent or bed only to have it go ignored and disliked by our fickle kitty.

Cat Person calls this “tent” a cat canopy. It’s truly a 3-in-1 bed that converts to a tent, bed or canopy style for your kitty. You can see Stitch in various positions in her cozy new bed.

Our cat Stitch pretty much adores every configuration and she gravitated to this genius product instantly. It really is the best comfortable cat tent bed!

Best Comfortable Cat Tent Bed

As you can tell Stitch fell for this in a heartbeat! The padding is soft, comfy and almost springy reminding me a memory foam. Stitch loves it!

Cat Person Cat Canopy Review

Cat Canopy Official Product Details

  • Adjusts to cat’s preferences. The felt canopy can be 1) attached and extended to form a hideaway, 2) folded down for an open yet protected feel, or 3) removed for unhindered lounging.
  • Supportive comfort. The circular footprint of the memory foam cushion mirrors the natural sleeping position of cats, so they can curl up and get cozy.
  • Easy to clean. Simply unzip the cushion cover and toss it in the wash. Air dry (so it doesn’t shrink) and reinsert the cushion for a freshly made bed.

Where to Purchase

You can buy the Cat Canopy from Cat Person directly on their website. The price is on the higher end at $80 but I can tell you that this is the ONLY tent or bed my cat has ever used and loved beyond hiding in a cardboard shipping box.

Cat Person Cat Canopy Review

We’ve bought tons of other useless cat beds in the past, so compared to those items that were of no interest to our cat, I can highly recommend the Cat Canopy from Cat Person!

More about the Cat Person Brand

Cat Person also makes other amazing products. Everything from super interesting cat toys to cat nutrition items – from food bowls designed for comfort for a cat’s neck to healthy food options. Stitch loved everything she tried as you can tell in these pics!

See how this Mesa food bowl is ergonomically designed for cats? I love it!

cat person food bowl

Look at the large collection of great foods and immune support blends too!

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