Best Flower Buds

The newest hot toy from Jay at Play has hit the market – Best Flower Buds.

Jay at Play has been having a series of hits lately – from the contagious Happy Nappers to the constantly sold out Little Miss Muffins last holiday season, they’ve now introduced Best Flower Buds. My 6 year old Kenzie and even my 4 year old son Kyle find these dolls irresistable. There is just something about them – particularly the smaller – medium sized dolls that is just so compelling. The perfect birthday party gift or this time of year they will make a really fun extra in Easter Baskets.

Here’s a video demo of these adorable “flower” dolls that rest in pots and how the pots flip to form the dress on the dolls. Very cute.

And here’s what the Best Flower Buds doll looks like after the pot flips into the dress:

The Best Flower Buds are available in 5 inch, 9 inch and 15 inch dolls priced at about anywhere from $4.99 -$19.99 depending on the size of the doll. A variety of blooms are available in a range of fantastic floral colors from violet to iris to daisy and more. On sale at Toys R Us. The packaging is very cute too and I think these are going to be another hot seller in the toy market given their reasonable price point and interesting pop and flip versatility.

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