Best Gifts for a New Baby

Looking for the Best Gifts for a New Baby? Check out our list for some simple and easy inspiration! 

Is someone you know expecting a new baby soon? Are you not sure what kinds of gifts are appropriate to welcome a new baby? If you have a baby shower coming up but are stumped about what gifts to look for, here are the five most basic items that you cannot go wrong with.

Baby Blankets

Soft, snugly, and oh so sweet. And they’re great for the baby too! Baby blankets are a must for so many reasons. They not only provide warmth when the weather is chilly, they also double for so many other uses. Parents can use a blanket to protect their shoulders during burping, to protect their babes during diaper changes, and as baby’s first teething toy when the chewing phase begins.

Easy Slip on Clothes

Newborns are tiny and fragile, and many new parents are too tired to try to mess with complicated snaps, buttons, and ties. Look for clothing that slips on and off easily, and that has wide neck holes for baby’s head. Newborn gowns are the favorite among many new parents. If you can afford it, many parents prefer clothing that is organic for their newborns. Organic cotton and bamboo are two options that are soft, safe, and still very cute.

Baby Bibs

True, a newborn will not be eating foods for a long time, but bibs are still very handy to have. Newborns tend to spit up fairly often, and usually right after their parents dress them in something nice. A thick bib can help prevent some of the mess and make clean up a little easier. As the baby gets older, drooling becomes the next big thing that covers a baby’s shirt. Bibs can absorb much of the drool without being in the way.


Soft Toys

True, babies don’t play much as first, but they will. Toys that are soft and colorful are great first toys for a baby as he starts to notice the world more. Choose something that is easy to grip, won’t be ruined if it gets chewed on, and is easy to clean. If it make as oft nose, like a rattle, that is even better. Watch out for things that could be choking hazards or that are too loud for newborn ears.

Diapers and a Diaper Bag

Babies go through a lot of diapers, especially newborns who can need to be changed with each feeding. Find out if the parents are using cloth or disposable diapers, and buy a few extra for them. If the parents are using cloth, look for some multi-size diapers that will grow with the baby. Getting the perfect diaper bag is so important. You don’t want to be searching around in a bag trying to find a diaper, while trying to hold a newborn on the changing table. Make sure to get one with many compartments and changing pad.

Welcoming a new baby can be a huge event, and many people want to bring gifts to celebrate the arrival. If you are stumped for what to buy, these basic items are the perfect ideas.

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