Best Interactive Cat Feeder

Do you have a cat who likes to overeat? We think this is the Best Interactive Cat Feeder that will make your kitty need to work for her food and reduce the tendency to overeat. Our cat, Stitch, loves the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree interactive cat feeder. It’s a genius invention!

Catit Food Tree Interactive cat feeder

Best Interactive Cat Feeder

Here is Stitch enjoying some nibbles from our Catit Interactive Cat Feeder. You can see there are 3 tiers which allows food to trickle down each tier into the bottom of the food tray.

You can buy the Catit Sense 2.0 Food Tree here for under $20. Awesome!

Best Interactive Cat Feeder

If your cat has a tendency to over eat, this contraption is absolutely brilliant. Not only does Stitch get a mini workout as she paws out her food, it also slows down the pace at which she eats. This gives her time to realize when she might actually be full!

Stitch started on the Catit Food Tree as a kitten under 6 months old when we realized she literally just wanted to eat her entire bowl of food anytime we fed her! The vet recommended we purchase an interactive eating option to help her slow down her pace. It has worked wonderfully and we are thrilled Stitch loves it. Truly this is the best interactive cat feeder for your hungry cats.

Best Interactive Cat Feeder

Even kittens can easily figure out the Catit Food Tree after you offer them food a few times in this amazing food dispenser. Now Stitch is so clever she will paw and scoop out morself from any of the 3 tiers. Super cute and fun for her too!

Best Interactive Cat Feeder

You can buy the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree here:

Stitch, our sweet kitty, also loves the Catit Water Fountain. I suspect your fluffy feline might also love the Catit Flower Water Fountain as this is another brilliant way to engage your kitty’s senses.

Cats enjoy playing with water so this is a way to let your cat drink up water in a way more natural to cats!

best water fountain for cats

Buy the Catit Flower Water Fountain here. They come in both a large or small size.

Best Interactive Cat Feeder

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