Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios #DisneySMMC

Calling all Star Wars Fans! Did you know that you can trade with the Jawa’s at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? It’s one of our favorite things to do in Disney’s brand new Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios.  Kids love getting souvenirs when we travel and this is a really fun way to get a mysterious souvenir from the Jawas – plus the gamble of wondering if you will or will NOT have a successful trade is exciting for my kids. After attempting to trade with the Jawas on multiple visits this past year, we’ve learned a bit about what might work best for you as you attempt to trade with these fickle creatures! Check out our Video encounter with the Jawas and our best tips for trading with the Jawas below.

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

Take a peek at a video of us with the Jawas in the Star Wars Launch Bay. There are generally 1 or 2 of them in the Cantina area of the Star Wars Launch Bay. Chewie and Kylo Ren are to the left when you walk in the Cantina is more towards the right and when you visit you’ll see that Jawas come and go in this area. They carry bags full of goodies for trading. Jawas are fickle when it comes to trades so it’s tough to know what will or will not work!

Tips for a Successful Trade with the Jawas

Come prepared with items to TRADE. This trip we literally brought all kinds of junk from our junk drawer at home – metal gadgets and random extra shiny toy pieces or mini toys – plastic gummy dinosaurs and a little Transformer shiny mask for instance. You don’t know what the Jawa will like. They said no to items we thought they might like, but ultimately they said YES to other items in our pile.  Previously when we were unprepared we were less successful as I didn’t have that much great stuff in my “mom” purse to trade!

1. They generally won’t take anything that is TRASH.

2. They don’t like Disney Park maps or tickets as these items are not very rare.

3. Supposedly you also can NOT trade FOOD or MONEY with the Jawas.

4. What they do like is basically JUNK! Think of anything in your random junk drawers at home. Tiny old gadgets, tiny toys, or pieces of a toy.

5. All of our successful trades were for SHINY and METALLIC objects. They looked special even if random and they worked. (Think a button, an old medal from a road race, a little shiny piece from an discarded toy!) 

6. I’ve heard at times they will trade for Disney pins and then give a pin in exchange. But this isn’t 100% always!

7. Generally, when you make a trade, you will receive DROID parts in exchange. My kids love this as it is a mini souvenir! Fun!

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

After your visit with the Jawas, be sure to enjoy exploring the Star Wars Launch bay and take a peek at all the cool movie artifacts. It’s an impressive display of all kinds of goodies from the Star Wars Films. And of course, wait in line to meet Chewbacca! He is SO big and it’s definitely worth waiting in a short line for that photo opp.

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas

Best Tips for Trading with the Jawas



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