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Check out our Best Tips on How to See Paris Like a Local. For many, a trip to Paris includes a tour of the Louvre, a climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and a river cruise along the Seine – but what do you do if you want to experience Paris as the locals do?  If you’re in search of a truly Parisian experience, hitting up the biggest tourist attractions isn’t the best approach. Instead, if you really want to experience Paris like a local, consider these tips! 

Best Tips on How to See Paris Like a Local

Best Tips on How to See Paris Like a Local

Walk wherever you can. Paris is a city best seen by foot. While you can take an Uber or use the metro to save time on cross-city trips, walking is always a good idea – and very Parisian – when you’re heading somewhere within reasonable distance. You’ll get to experience the city and admire its beauty up close – and you’ll burn enough calories to enjoy an extra croissant!

Eat dinner two streets over. If you’re near any kind of tourist attraction, you’re sure to be surrounded by chain restaurants and overpriced places serving up so-so food. For a more authentically local dining experience, head a few streets over and grab a table at a local spot that isn’t as busy or as tourist-friendly. No English menu? You’ve probably picked a winner. Check the Yelp reviews if you aren’t feeling confident in your decision before heading inside and grabbing a table.

Stay in an Airbnb. Booking a hotel can be convenient, but it’s a surefire way to feel like a tourist. Instead, if you’re on a mission to experience Paris like a local, you should reserve an Airbnb – a full Parisian apartment. Not only will this give you and your family a little more room to breathe, you’ll likely find yourself in a quieter, less touristy part of town, which will help you experience the city with a little more authenticity.

Shop the street markets. Want to shop? Skip the Champs Élysées and instead spend some time exploring one of the many street markets that pop in Paris. Whether you’re on the hunt for interesting food and drinks, antiques you won’t find anywhere else, fun fashion pieces or old books, there’s a market (or two) that offers whatever you’re looking for. Do a bit of research to see what markets you’d like to check out – then, make sure you know when they’re open, as most only conduct business one or two days each week.

While it can be tough to feel like a local when visiting Paris for only a few days, with a little careful planning, you can create the authentic, local experience you’re looking for. Consider these tips as a starting point for planning your like-a-local Paris visit. Are there any other tips you’ve picked up to experience the City of Light as a local would? Leave a comment and let me know!


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