Birthday Party at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Kyle received VIP treatment yesterday to celebrate his 4th birthday at Beaches in Turks & Caicos. We were totally surprised and delighted with the extra special attention that Beaches gave to our little cutie. While we were playing at the beach, our Butler Ellen set up a surprise birthday party poolside with a cabana decorated with birthday balloons, a banner, lunch, cake, and she even created a Towel creature that was totally dressed as a little boy wearing Kyle’s real clothes, shoes, and baseball hat.

Next up we had a private Birthday party in our hotel suite with Elmo! The balcony was totally decorated with balloons, we had birthday cake, Freeze Danced with Elmo, and the kids topped it all off with a glorious bubble bath that the butler Ellen prepared for the kids. The 5-Star treatment was fabulous!

Kyle was especially thrilled as usually his older sister is always in the spotlight and today was finally HIS special day to be the center of attention.



This was so much fun! The kids were a bit overwhelmed once we actually arrived in the room as they were starstruck by Elmo and all the staff attending him and us.

You can reserve these Sesame Street Character Birthday parties at Beaches as an upgrade package and Beaches then includes an appearance by a Sesame Character of your choice, food, decorations, music, and more! It’s $250 for up to 5 guests and $300 for up to 10 guests. Add another $100 if you want more than 1 character to appear. Super fun and this is an especially great idea if you are traveling with a large extended family or group of friends.

Kyle even got to slice his own birthday cake with Elmo. A preschooler’s dream come true!

Take a peek at this glam bubble bath decked out in tropical flower petals. The kids loved relaxing in this bath post Elmo birthday party and their long day at the beach and pool yesterday. They literally stayed in the tub for a full hour!



This is a birthday we will never forget!

Disclosure: This is a personal family vacation paid for by us, but Beaches included this additional extra-special Birthday Party for Kyle to facilitate our writing about the in room Sesame Street Character Birthday Party experience. Thanks to Beaches for this wonderful gift to our son. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. These photos are amazing, you guys must be having a total blast! Enjoy the rest of the trip!! ps: I love the Elmo b-day party! awesome, my daughter loves Elmo!

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