Black Friday Is a Sport

Black Friday is a sport that I actually excel in. A few years back my mom and I wanted to know what all the hype was about shopping black friday. So one glorious Black Friday about 4 years ago we got up at 3am and ventured out. And it was quite the experience. Literally doors open to the store and people are literally running for the good finds. I have never seen tv’s go so fast, being passed like a crowd surfer. You get sucked in and want the deal regardless if you need it or not. It’s literally a sport.  You need to map out your locations you want to hit and get there at the best time to avoid lines to get in. Have your list ready of what you’re on the hunt for, if not you’ll just buy nonsense. The longest lines are always at Toys R Us, Target and Best Buy. Here are a few pointers for what stores will be good for this year:

Walmart opens at 8pm Thanksgiving Night!  A little crazy but keep in mind certain items are only sold after a certain time. There are three events one at 8pm, 10pm and 5am Friday morning. The iPad 2 with wifi for example can be purchased at 10pm for $399 plus you get a $75 Walmart gift card. So make sure you check your ad for your local store.

Target opens at 9pm and is offering the iPad with Retina Display for $499 and $60 gift card with any iPad purchase. Dyson multi floor for $269. Nook Simple Touch E-Reader $49


Last Year's Target Black Friday Trip

And one of my usual stops is Old Navy. In past years it was Gobblepalooza, this year they are calling it Cheermageddon. Go online to check out their deal. Check your local store for hours but I believe most open at midnight.

Whatever is on top of your wish list go there first!  Wear comfy shoes, grab a coffee and strap on a crossbody purse and you are ready to roll. And take some patience along for the check out line!

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