Bloggers help the Sudanese Quintuplets

Thanks to my friends Mandi and Tara from the One Dollar Give, myself and other bloggers have been inspired to help this beautiful family as they struggle with the exhaustion and financial implications of raising 5 babies.
Adwai Mulual is a Sudanese refugee currently living in the United States with her newborn quintuplets. She arrived in the United States early in her pregnancy to seek her mother-in-law’s blessing according to Sudanese tradition. At that time, she discovered that she was expecting quintuplets and, due to complications, was admitted to the hospital under the care of a team of specialists. In December, she gave birth to 5 beautiful, healthy babies – 1 boy and 4 girls. Her husband has still not met his children, as he is serving with the Sudanese Army. Now, Adwai is facing the decision of living in the richest country of the world in poverty or moving back to war-torn Sudan.

Heartbreaking. And with the birth of the Octuplets, this story became lost in the media. Bloggers have been reaching out to PR firms along with making purchases on registry lists for diapers and wipes that the One Dollar Give was kind enough to create.

I was thrilled to be able to make a small difference by encouraging Beech Nut and Energizer to send some much needed supplies to Adwai and her family. I can’t thank these companies enough for collaborating with online Moms who are striving to make a difference. And thanks again to the One Dollar Give for inspiring us all to use our PR resources for good deeds.

Beech-Nut donated: bibs, onesies, towels, bowls and spoons, a tote, Beech-Nut baby food and rice cereal plus over $150 in Beech-Nut coupons.

And as I’m an online brand advocate for Energizer Rechargables, I was able to secure an Energizer Family Charger with Rechargeable batteries including: AA/AAA/C/D/9V.

3 thoughts on “Bloggers help the Sudanese Quintuplets”

  1. I think she should have gone to Sudan to adopt some of the starving kids instead of spending all the money on fertility treatment. All you have to do is google Sudan image to see the children there are seriously suffering

  2. Tbh “Mami Real”, It baffles me how you felt obliged to comment on an issue/story you have NO IDEA about. You automatically assumed she got fertility treatments, forgetting the possibility of natural multiple pregnancies

    And exactly how is a refugee, living in Sudan able to afford fertility treatments in the States yet not the essentials for when she gives birth??

    All you managed to prove is the level of stupidity and ignorance people still carry in this day and age, nothing more.

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