Bluebee Pals Video Review and Demo: Genius Gift for Tweens #BlueBeePals

Love!!!! Blue tooth enabled plush toys for the win!

Bluebee Pals make a tech savvy gift for tweens this holiday season. You can see Kenzie posing with her new beloved critter, Riley the Zebra. Riley can play music from iPhones and his mouth moves along with the words to the song. You can check out our video demo below. Cute!

You can buy Bluebee Pals this holiday season at Toys R Us for $49.99. They will make a fantastic gift! Cuddly and high tech – just right for tweens.


Bluebee Pals Video Review and Demo

Look at all the cute varieties available too! So fun. Kids will love them – I know Kenzie definitely adores hers and is fascinated by the tech. She especially LOVES LOVES LOVES the phone feature – always wanting me to call her when I’m out so she can answer ┬áthe phone via her Bluebees Pal! Then — the Zebra talks and moves his mouth with Mom’s voice coming out of it. Definitely cool!

Note: Thanks to Bluebee Pals for sending my 9 year old Kenzie this media sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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