Bohemian Baby – Fresh Organic Baby Food

Classy Mommy gave Bohemian Baby’s fresh organic baby food a week long taste test. The results of our taste test were a big win for Bohemian Baby. Mackenzie cured her ravenous appetite when she dined like the stars and fell in love with Bohemian Baby. Celebrity fans of this convenient organic baby food solution include Adam Sandler and Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. Ultra fresh, flavorful, and super healthy 100% home cooked organic meals for your little one are delivered to your doorstep by Bohemian Baby. Meals are delivered the day after they are made and will remain fresh for 7-10 days. Bohemian Baby is priced at a premium given that their food is home made, 100% organic and delivery is included in package. If your only considerations are convenience, freshness, health, and taste, there is no reason to ever open another jar of Gerber veggies.

Starter kits are available for $45. Check out our yummy Video Review of Mackenzie dining on Basil Pesto Pasta, Sweet Potato Cakes, and Peaches and Pears. Her other top favorite was Kiwi Raisin Pear. Bon Appetite!

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