Books to Help Kids with a Family Move

This list of top book picks to help kids adjust to moving was sent to me by Flat Rate moving, a nationwide leader in moving and storage. We always use books to help us discuss what’s happening – good or bad so I was excited to see a list to help kids who are facing the challenge of a big move. As a kid, we moved the summer before I went into 4th grade and it was definitely a big deal for me. Our move was local but included a school change and even now I can remember the nerves, fear, and excitement of this life change.

Moving causes anxiety for everyone, but for kids it can be exceptionally overwhelming. Leaving behind friends, changing cschools, and having to get used to a new home can be very exhausting and difficult. Books can be an invaluable resource in helping to explain to kids that just because you move doesn’t mean you forget your old home or friends. Here’s their top picks to help with the adjustment.

Moving Day by Meg Cabot – This book comes from Cabot’s series for younger girls, Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls. Known for her entrancing stories in The Princess Diaries series, Cabot takes readers through Allie Finkle’s reaction and reality when her family decides to move across town. Filled with worries and concerns, Finkle has to go to a new school as a new kid and find new friends. But what about her old best friend?

The Moving Book: A Kids’ Survival Guide by Gabriel Davis – Turn moving into an adventure for your tween. This fits somewhere between moving scrapbook and guide to moving. It includes advice on packing, discovering the new house and neighborhood and also getting valuable information from the old neighbors so that they aren’t forgotten in the move.

We’re Moving by Heather Maisner – When kids move, they aren’t just leaving behind their house. They are also moving away from the special things they did with their family there – like plant a garden, play tag in the yard or have an Easter egg hunt. This story for young elementary school kids addresses that, and how you can make new memories like those in your new home too.
The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan Berenstain – The Berenstain Bears are moving to a new tree house and Brother isn’t sure he’s going to like it — or make friends. This is perfect for talking to your preschooler about a move, since the Bears are very vocal with their relatable concerns.

Who Will Be My Friends? by Syd Hoff – This is a great book to give your child just before or after a move or if a new family has moved into the neighborhood. Freddy teaches us what it is like to be new and discovers that meeting new people and new friends is not as difficult as he first thought.

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