Bounty DuraTowel Review

As part of my role as a P&G Blogger, I was hired to put my dirty dishcloth to the “germ test” after 3 days of use so we could get some lab tests done on the germs that accumulate on dirty dish towels.  The brand new Bounty DuraTowel is 3X cleaner than a germy dish cloth and in the case of my home, I must report it is probably a zillion times cleaner then my dirty dish rags!

P&G sent me a special dish rag to use on my counters (without any soap) to wipe down mess and meals for 3 days. Then I had to ship it back for serious germ testing. The P&G Research & Development team conducted a special ATP test on my used dishcloth and my  results were 107,354. Basically this means there are CRAZY germs in my kitchen!  To explain the test results, here’s the scientific nitty gritty.

According to the P&G Research and Development team, “adenosine triphosphate or ATP is a molecule present in all animal, vegetable, bacterial, yeast and mold cells. The standard restaurant kitchen ATP number for a clean kitchen averages between 150-300.”

P&G recommended if my used dishcloth ranked higher than 300 that it was time to ditch the dishcloth & switch to Bounty® DuraTowel – the only paper towel clinically proven to leave surfaces 3X cleaner than a used dishcloth.

Obviously, my germ dish towel was ripe with bugs so I’m glad that my regular routine – when not participating in a lab test like this – includes incorporating paper towels to clean my counters in a strategy to avoid gross germs. I love P&G’s new Bounty DuraTowel – here it on my own kitchen counter.

P&G just launched this super sturdy Bounty DuraTowel that is 3x cleaner than a kitchen dish cloth. It is also very THICK and really compares to a dish towel. I know using a dish towel is greener as far as wiping down my counters and stovetops but I am a total germophobe, so in the case of cleaning up the areas in our kitchen where we eat, I am all over Paper Towel usage – and now that this are literally clinically proven to be cleaner, I feel even better about my decision. (Yes that 100,000 crazy germ number for my towel is insane right?)

 Bounty Duratowels are also seriously sturdy and very thick as well. I tried to photograph the layers within the paper towel here.

Can you see how thick it is as I try to break it apart? It is seriously thick and works wonderfully at scrubbing my counters clean and wiping down surfaces with spills from cooking dinner or the kids post-meal mess and smudges. 

Note: This is a sponsored post via a campaign with Proctor & Gamble. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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