How NAD IV Therapy is Changing Lives in Addiction Detox and Recovery #NADTherapy

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Addiction is a growing issue in today’s society. It seems like news feeds are inundated with updates on the opioid crisis on a daily basis. Shows like Intervention are breaking some of the social stigmas attached to addiction and changing the conversation. Yet as we have seen, regular treatments for fighting addiction aren’t very successful. In fact, traditional treatment has an 85% fail rate. That is a staggering number! That’s why BrainSpark Health’s innovative NAD IV Therapy is a breakthrough for addiction.

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Why Traditional Treatments Fail

Patients are treated in a facility within a relatively short amount of time. One substance is replaced with another in many cases as a means of easing the symptoms of withdrawal. There is little that is done to restore the brain’s natural defenses and chemistry. Even less is done to repair the damage of years of use and abuse on a cellular level. Symptoms of withdrawal and cravings are high, anxiety levels are high, and in the case of opioid withdrawal insomnia is often crippling. For weeks and sometimes even months after the initial physical withdrawal, longtime opiate users find they have severe anxiety, insomnia, and restless legs so severe it makes relapse almost inevitable.

Furthermore, throughout the course of treatment patients are essentially locked away from the rest of society. They are given limited contact with everyday life and therefore do little to learn how to cope with daily living without substances. Once patients leave traditional treatment centers, they are often unable to cope with day-to-day issues and stresses without the use of substances and therefore are often unable to maintain their sobriety.

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How BrainSpark Health’s NAD IV Therapy is Different

The NAD IV Therapy is a completely different approach toward addiction. The amino acid infusions are used to repair damage on a cellular level almost immediately. This reduces the anxiety, insomnia, and many of the physical symptoms of withdrawal for patients.

Treatment facilities allow patients access to internet, books, movies, and other connections to their lives outside of the treatment center. This way, they can integrate the conditions of their everyday lives into their sobriety from the start. Coupled with the NAD IV therapy and a holistic approach to their own healing, SprainSpark Health is a highly effective means of treating addiction in patients—especially where traditional treatments have failed.

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Patient Testimonial

“I recently underwent treatment at Brainspark Health. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, since their treatment was clearly going to be very different than any other treatment I had experienced, both because of the IV therapy itself, as well as their holistic approach.

Prior to coming in, I was on a large number of prescription medications. With the recommendation of the medical staff at Brainspark, I went off all of them my first day there. Much to my astonishment, I experienced little in the way of withdrawal-far less than I would have if I had not gone there. I had a headache the first night, and nausea three days into treatment, as well as some other symptoms, but for the most part, these were manageable.

The biggest improvement, though, is to my mood and energy. I never felt this good when I was on such high doses of antidepressants and other meds, which is in itself pretty shocking.

In addition, I can’t say good enough things about the staff. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. Most days, I was provided with reiki, which helped me sleep, as well as massage, acupuncture, and counseling. The treatment was very relaxed; all rooms were private, and I could watch ele, read, and/or go online during the time I was receiving treatment. Additionally, I was provided with lunch every day that I was up to eating, either from WholeFoods across the street, or one of the many restaurants on Grubhub.

In sum, I highly encourage anyone who thinks NAD/amino acid therapy would be helpful, to give Brainspark a call. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

— L. Long

Ultimately, BrainSpark Health’s NAD IV therapy is a holistic approach to addiction. Its therapies have proven effective in parts of the world since the 1960s. Recently, the rest of the world seems to be catching up with the importance of healing the entire body, not just one part. Addiction is a complicated thing. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach toward getting onto the road to sobriety. The opioid epidemic has shown us that the old stereotype of the drug addict as a troubled, homeless undesirable is far from the “typical addict”. Anybody can fall into the throes of addiction, and not just those who have suffered some sort of severe psychological or physical trauma. BrainSpark Health is working with your body’s natural healing processes to speed recovery in a healthy and unique way. It is working at a fundamental level to restore proper function to your cells while repairing damage caused by harmful substances. Even though it is not a new concept, the growth of BrainSpark Health is promising that we are at the cusp of a major breakthrough in the way we view and treat addiction.

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