Bratzillaz: The Bewitching Glam Cousins to Bratz in Stores July 2012 & a Giveaway

New toy alert! Hitting stores in July – Bratzillaz. The tagline is “Where Glam Gets Wicked”.

I profess I’m liking the look of these new Bratzillaz – the glamourous witch cousins of the infamous Bratz dolls. The Bratzillaz are not nearly as “sexy” as a Bratz doll and are not as scary as a Monster High Dolls for younger girls. These are simply glamourous witches which appeal to my 6 year old compared to other dolls on the market that she finds on the scary side – think fang like vampires! Really, there is no reason for the little ones to get vampire obsessed like the rest of us – there’s plenty of time for that to come later 🙂

Kenzie also sees each doll as a special pet and she’s already asking to collect these as she is intrigued.


The Bratzillaz are “Good Witch” cousins of the Bratz and have fun enchanting powers which Kenzie thinks is very cool. Think “Yasmina Clairvoya” who is obviously clairvoyant!


Bratzillaz™  aims to take girls on a flight of the imagination as they can discover the special powers of these dolls including –  the ability to communicate with animals, fly through the air, see into the future and find true love. Sounds cool right?

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Here’s more info on all the dolls available and their powers:

Cloetta Spelletta™ has the power to change you into anything you want. She’ll help you show there’s two sides to you; Magic Power: Can transform into anything; Witchmark: Moon & Stars; Fave Pet: Barkthalameow™; Fave Class: History of Platform Shoes; Fashion Passion: Girly Glitter.

Jade J’Adore™ has the power to help you find your one true love. She’ll help you heal your broken heart, too!; Magic Power: Heals broken hearts; Witchmark: Heart Arrow; Fave Pet: Kissifuss™; Fave Class: Fashion Magic; Fashion Passion: Urban Witchy.

Yasmina Clairvoya™ has the power to see the future. She’ll help you be ready for anything coming your way!; Magic Power: Sees into the future; Witchmark: Egyptian Eye; Fave Pet: Winkers™; Fave Class: Purses & Potions; Fashion Passion: Vintage Romantic.

Sashabella Paws™ has the animal kingdom under her spell. She’ll help you communicate with creatures everywhere!; Magic Power: Can communicate with animals; Witchmark: Tribal Cat; Fave Pet: Fluffinscruff™; Fave Class: Exotic Animal Languages; Fashion Passion: Fierce faux fur.

Meygana Broomstix™ not only has the power to fly, but also to make dreams come true. She’ll help make your wildest dreams take flight!; Magic Power: Helps you fly; Witchmark: Wings; Fave Pet: Wingzy™; Fave Class: Broom Gymnastics; Fashion Passion: Sporty Supernatural.

Disclosure: Thanks to MGM for sending us a sample Bratzillaz to facilitate our post. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 



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