Brave Toys & Merida Costumes Galore at the Disney Store

In stock and available now! We were thrilled with the glorious collection of Brave themed Disney Consumer Products when we popped into our local Disney Store this past weekend. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with Brave and am dying for the June 22nd release of this Disney Pixar Movie in theaters everywhere.

I studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh in college and after living in Scotland for a year, I’m dying to someday return with my family. I can’t wait to give them a taste of Scotland with Disney’s new movie Brave until we someday visit together.


The Disney Store Brave collection has EVERYTHING. From backpacks to figures to plush to GORGEOUS costumes.If you do not live near a Disney Store or like to shop online, you can shop the Brave collection online at the too.

The Merida costume is beyond beautiful. There are 2 options and we love both. One is light aqua with golden trim, but I think my favorite is the darker richer deep aqua with velveteen sleeves below.



There’s even all kinds a plastic ware for the kitchen – cups, plates, silverware, and more!


Backpacks and lunchboxes too!


And let’s not forget the BRAVE pajamas and nightgowns too!


There is BRAVE plush galore too – the triplets, the bears, the horse Angus and even plus that transform from a triplet into a Bear – just like in the movie!



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