Brooke Burke Toys Around with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Oh I love how these Wall Tracks from Hot Wheels save space on the floor but still let little boys build extravagant race courses for their beloved vehicles! These will be a hot seller this holiday season. I saw a demo in San Diego this summer and was definitely impressed.

Busy mom and co-host of Dancing With The Stars Brooke Burke-Charvet, took some time out before heading to set this week to spend some quality time playing with her son Shaya (age 3) and their new Wall Tracks from Hot Wheels.

This self-proclaimed tom-boy loved Hot Wheels growing up, so much so, her dad built her a custom track out of wood that covered her entire bedroom floor. Brooke remembers it fondly and has held on to some of her favorite cars. Now she’s sharing her love of Hot Wheels with her son Shaya. Brooke and Shaya built their own track – the new Wall Tracks for Hot Wheels. Instead of covering the bedroom floor, this track goes up on the wall, saving valuable floor space in the playroom Shaya shares with big sister Rain (age 4).

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