Busy Body Book Family Organizer

It’s almost 2007 and time to pick out a new calendar for the year. Here is a super gift for Moms that need to get organized. For all you ultra busy Moms who need to keep track of the entire families schedule, consider the Busy Body Book family organizer. This versatile book is organized with a unique GRID system that enables Mom to organize up to 5 individul weekly schedules on 1 page. Just having this much space to keep track of everything is fantastic, let alone the organization inherent in the system. This helps you schedule, coordinate, and manage everyone’s appointments. You could also use this easy to use grid to keep track of 5 different business clients, 5 school subjects or 5 of your own personal goals for the new year.

Busy Body Book is offering a 25% discount to all Classy Mommy readers until 12/31/06 with marketing code CLM at checkout. Get organized!

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