Buying a car on eBay: A deal or a disaster?

4 year old Kenzie is still desperately seeking a minivan and Mom (aka me) would have opted for something more practical & less expensive than a Mercedes CLS, but2 months in to my husband’s somewhat controversial eBay used car purchase, I’m happy to report all is well.

If you recall, Mike saved over $6000 buying his used Mercedes CLS on eBay and everything has indeed checked out and he is thrilled with his new ride.   And surprisingly to Mom, there are actually some Parent/Kid friendly features that I show in this video here.

Keyless entry & Keyless start!  Who knew that even existed? Pushing a button to start the car is definitely a behavior change I’d need to get adjusted to but Mike has adapted quickly. (Note: you can still put the key in the ignition if you are too weirded out by this futuristic approach!)

Also, that built in powered sunshade is a very cool idea for kids. And the trunk is so huge you could seriously fit a ton of stuff in it. It is far deeper than my Lexus SUV’s trunk but obviously since the Mercedes is a car it does not have the height that my Lexus offers as far as trunk space.

As for the car functioning and working, everything has been fine with the exception of needing to buy 4 new tires. He felt it should have been disclosed better that he would need new tires, but when you buy a used car anywhere, often the new customer is needing to buy tires.

The paperwork process of registering and receiving his title in the mail all went totally smoothly so in the end did not seem like too much additional legwork for him – when you’re talking about saving $6000 he especially did not mind.

At the end of the day, Mike would report that the eBay purchase was a total deal for his luxury car.  It’s no secret that the Mom in me was not keen on purchasing a Mercedes sports car when we have a family of 4, but I highly recommend buying a used car via eBay to save money. Just remember the pros and cons of buying a car on eBay that I talked about in my earlier post here for some guidance.

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  1. Great review, Colleen!

    I have a Toyota Highlander that has the push button start and keyless entry like on your new benz. It’s the most convenient thing, esp. when you’re carrying a baby!

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