Calling all Twilight Fans!

Win it! Thanks to Walmart I’ve got a rockin’ Twilight giveaway to share with you all. Over $150 of Twilight Goodies for the grand prize winner and a runner up prize of a $25 Gift Card to buy the Twilight DVD which will release on 3/21/09 to host you own Twilight Party.

If you haven’t read these books – and seen the movie, you don’t know what you are missing. Run out and buy the books now or borrow them from a friend or the library. You will not be disappointed! And let me tell you I’m one obsessed Twilight fan myself. I devoured all 4 books last October – about 2000+ pages in less than 4 weeks. And now that I’ve finished Twilight I’ve had to fill the void in my life with other Young Adult Fiction of the Vampire Genre. I’ve since devoured the entire Blue Bloods series, City of Bones and City of Ashes, and now I’m half way through the House of Night Series. I’m not sure what my interest in vampires says about me, but I profess I’m totally compelled to continue reading all this vampire teen lit – I love the escape and entertainment and I have no plans to stop anytime soon!

And for all you Twilight Fans, my very good blogging buddy, Amy from MomAdvice will be interviewing Jacob Lautner, the actor who plays Jacob (in Twilight the movie and in the upcoming sequel, New Moon), on Blog Talk Radio this Monday, March 9th at 8pm CST. I’m so excited to hear this interview as Twilight fans know that New Moon brings about all kinds of changes for Jacob!

I only wish Stephanie Meyer would continue with her plans to write her 5th book which as many fans know was leaked last summer (after it was only partially complete) causing the author great sadness and forced her to ditch any plans to continue with it for the time being.

To enter to win, please leave a comment below by March 20th, 2009. Include your email address if it is not visible in your profile so we may contact you if you win.

For an additional entry, Tweet about this contest (include my contest link, #11momstwilight and @ClassyMommy in your tweet), leave the link to the tweet in an additional comment. You get one additional entry per tweet.

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