Camelback Resort’s Brand New Aquatopia Water Park: 6 Reasons Why It’s Different from other water parks

There’s a ton of great family vacations out there, so sometimes it feels a little overwhelming to find that perfect destination that will make everyone happy. If you’ve heard any buzz on the April opening of Camelback Resort’s Brand New Aquatopia, you may be wondering what makes this resort and water park any different from the others? Each place has its benefits, but I was super excited after my site tour of Camelback to hear about all the cool features it has to offer. For now, I was only able to get a shot of the framework.

Camelback Resort’s Brand New Aquatopia Water Park

Luckily, I had some help in getting a few images of what this place will look like for a sneak peek. As you make your family plans, I think that these highlights are really helpful in narrowing down your decision.

Free lift tickets this season

As a grand opening special, your stay at the resort will give each person in your family one free lift ticket during their stay along with access to the indoor water park. During the summer months, your family will get free passes to the outdoor Camelback Waterpark. Overnight rates start at $339 during Spring Break. After this season, discounted lift tickets will range from $20-35 depending on the dates. If you are comparing resort prices, keep these bonuses in mind. A family ski trip can add up quickly, so with great deals like these, you may end up saving in the long run by staying at a nicer location.

13 thrill water rides

Many water parks are great for families with small kids, but Aquatopia has rides that even your older teenagers will love. For example, the Venus Slydetrap will twist and turn, suck you in, and spit you out on this wild rafting ride. You also won’t want to miss the Storm Chaser. This ride is the longest indoor uphill water coaster in the country. I can only imagine how crazy that must be!

Texlon transparent roof (suntan in the winter!)

Let your kids enjoy the pool (over 120 lifeguards on duty) while you soak in the sun. Your friends will be a little jealous of your winter tan that will come from this unique sunbathing experience.

Ski in/Ski out pub and grill

Don’t waste any time. Pop off your skis or snowboard at this convenient eatery and grab a bite or some drinks. You’ll warm up and be back on the slopes in no time.

Family entertainment center

After your family cleans up from the day, don’t let the fun stop there. Laser tag, pottery, (not so) mini golf, climbing wall, and more cool activities will keep everyone in your family entertained. You’ll also find a large arcade to enjoy.

Family suites

Suites are designed to let your entire family stay together and play together. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, think about sharing a suite with another family. You can save money while still enjoying the great perks.

Can you see why I’m so jazzed about this place?? As a side note, keep in mind that Camelback is a great idea for a special birthday, family reunion, or other large group event. You’ll be the coolest party planner ever if you try something so out of the ordinary. I think that this is a great spot, especially for families with teenagers or older kids looking for more adventure. Camelback is really focused on entertaining kids ages 10-18, and I sometimes find it challenging to select a resort that accommodates such a wide age range.

If I didn’t cover one of your questions or if you want more details on the water park, comment below. I’ll get right back to you!

 Cambelback & Aquatopia Pricing Details

Guests will receive 1 complimentary lift ticket per registered hotel guest for 1 day throughout the rest of this ski season as part of the Grand Opening specials. Next season, lift tickets will range from $20-$35 per registered guest depending on dates. This summer, registered hotel guests will receive access to Camelbeach Waterpark.  The resort will open April 1, 2015. Rates start at $339 during spring break. 


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