Caping it up!


Kenzie got to play model yesterday at a photo shoot for my friend Caroline’s Lina Bean product line. Caroline is a mompreneur who sells fabulous handmade goodies she designs herself – everything from capes to burps to charming matching ties for boys & headbands for girls.

Kenzie was most impressed with her first ever “modeling” debut. The kids had a blast running wild in these super hero style capes. They are so charming, whimsical and fun. $32 each and $38.

If she had her way, we would have stayed all day running around smiling and taking pics, however, I’ve been driving her hard this summer to learn to swim and we had our final private lesson today so had to leave after only 20 mins of fun. I feel like a helicopter Mom wanting her to learn to swim so badly but our hard core lesson approach this summer has worked (6 weeks of lessons 4x per week!!!)

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