Cars Land at Night Photos & Video #DisneySide

Check out our video and photos of Cars Land at Night. Sunset and nightfall transform Cars Land into a completely different Radiator Springs than the one you visit during the bright sunny day. My #1 tip for visiting Cars Land is to be sure you plan time in your itinerary to see it both during the day and again in the evening. You can see my 3 tips for visiting Disney’s Cars Land here.

Cars Land at Night


First, the neon lights of all the shops and restaurants on Route 66 are lit up creating a gorgeous lively scene. Even cooler,  the reflection of the sun and then the lights on the red rocks create a spectacular vista that transform Cars Land. We loved coming back in the evening hours to enjoy rides and this alternate view of Radiator Springs in Cars Land. We loved it during the day, but even more we loved how different all the same attractions in Cars Land looked during the evening hours.


Video of Cars Land at Night

Take a peek at our video of Cars Land at night to see the nighttime transformation of Cars Land. Neon Lights, red rocks, and the orange glowing Cozy Cone Hotel. Simply awesome!

The Cozy Cone Hotel Restaurant Disney’s Cars Land

Here is what the Cozy Cone Hotel looks like night. The Cozy Cone Hotel in Cars Land is a quick service restaurant that serves up treats in orange cones Рfrom flavored popcorns to ice cream,  Disney is indeed in all the details. I love how the umbrellas are like orange cones too!



Flo’s V8 Cafe Restaurant

The littlest guests and the Moms and Dads will be impressed with the realism of Flo’s V8 Cafe. Gas pumps are everywhere too!

Flo’s V8 Cafe is a quick service restaurant that serves everything from breakfast to dinner open from 9 AM – 10 PM. You can check out Flo’s V8 Cafe Menu here and you’ll see they serve classic homestyle 50’s food.


And we stumbled upon this dance party thanks to Cars automotive DJ car too!




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  1. WOW. I can not believe how true to the movie that all looks! My sons would be mesmerized by that experience. Disney always does a knock out job, I am not sure why I am so shocked!

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