CBS 3 interviews Classy Mommy at home!!!!!

Totally amazing day! Having an adorable news producer and camera man in our home was so blogworthy we totally had to take some pictures.CBS 3 -the Philly affiliate of CBS decided to do a news story on Classy Mommy at our home. They confirmed at about 4 pm that they would arrive at 6 tonight!!! So much fun. During the meltdown hour of 6 pm – 7 pm the kids totally held it together even with strangers and bright lights and a huge camera in the house.

Kenzie even warmed up to the camera and was dying to show some of her drawings on film too. Very cute. Can’t wait to see what angle they take with the story. They talked to me for about an hour but I assume the segment will be just a few quick snippets with all the fancy editing. It is supposed to air either tonight or tomorrow night during the 11PM news in the Philadelphia market. Thank you CBS !!!!!

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