Central Park Carousel

You must check out a New York City kid’s treasure… the Central Park Carousel! Located in the heart of Central Park near the intersection of Central Park Driveway/6th Ave. and 65th Transverse (near Sheep’s Meadow), the carousel was built in 1871 and is still going strong. The carousel has the largest hand-carved figures ever constructed… the horses are 3/4 the size of a real horse! The figures are all hand-painted, as well, and Wurlizter music streams beautifully from a Ruth Sohn band organ in the middle of the carousel. Outside the carousel there are vendors of ice cream, cotton candy and the like, so you really get the feeling that you’re at a county fair. There’s also a picnic area that you can rent out for birthday parties if you live nearby. The Central Park Carousel is open all year round, weather permitting, so it’s something you can enjoy in the summer and winter alike.

A ride lasts 3-4 minutes long and costs a very reasonable $2 per person per ride. I promise you that it will delight kids of all ages. As my husband, Brian, so eloquently put it, “This is no slouch carousel!” It is fast! Check out a video below for a shortened version of the super fun ride I took with family.

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