Channeling our Patriot Ancestors

Here we are celebrating our Patriot – Hezekiah Harding, who defended the sea coast of Cape Cod during the Revolutionary War.

For about as long as I can remember I’ve yearned to know more about the ancestry of my family. Supposedly, we had tons of ancestors going all the way back to the days of the Mayflower and the American Revolution, but were lacking proof. I always wanted to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, but somehow in the last 50 years, paperwork and names were apparently lost. (We’re unsure if they were lost by my Great Grandmother, my own Mom or in a fire that destroyed my Mom’s sister’s home years ago.)
Finally, on New Year’s Day 2010, I received all the info that would qualify me to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, but more importantly understand my roots and remember all those that came before me. Not to mention, to honor their struggle so that their children could someday live this life of freedom and abundance that is second nature to our generation. Isn’t all anyone wants is to be remembered?
I can thank my Aunt Kay, who is also a genealogist for this priceless gift. For years, she has tried to crack the case of the mysterious Sarah Jane Parker, born in 1850 in Philadelphia, and supposedly descended from the Pilgrims. The trail on Sarah Jane has been dry for years, but surprisingly, a bunch of addresses and info all lined up to solve the ancestry of her husband, Henry Harding – which was more than rewarding.
All the info is beyond fascinating to me. And once we got as far back as Hezekiah, we’ve been able to readily trace our family to the earliest settlers at Plymouth along with several great grandparents who departed for America along with the Mayflower, on the Speedwell, but were forced to turn back when the Speedwell was leaking water badly. Honestly, I think I’ve spent about a zillion hours profiling all these colonial settlers who landed in America in the 1620’s.
So, Hezekiah this post is for you. (What a name huh?) He was born May 15th, 1745 in Truro, MA and died in Maine on May 2nd, 1825. We were able to find records of his service via his actual hand written application for a revolutionary war pension in 1820, when he could no longer work to support his wife and 15 year old grandson given his old age.
(Note: I’ve received a few questions about our colonial costumes. They are my Uncle Bill’s – also descended from Hezekiah. Coincidentally, Uncle Bill volunteers at Valley Forge and Independence Hall every week. )

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  1. Love this post, especially because we are Hardings on my mother's side of the family and because we live in the Philadelphia area. How absolutely fascinating!

  2. I got all excited when I saw Sarah Jane Parker, then realized my dead end is Sarah JOY Parker from Tennessee. Oh well! Congrats on your discovery!

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