Charlie St. Cloud Movie Review

Ok, High School Musical enthusiasts, this is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Charlie St.Cloud hit theaters today, and I feel like every Zac Efron fan is dying to see him take on an entirely new role in this movie. Lucky for me, I got a chance to see a screening of the movie a couple weeks ago, so I’ve been anxious to talk all about it.

For those of you who’ve missed the trailer, this story is all about family and hope and the close bond between brothers. When Charlie loses his younger brother Sam in a tragic car accident, Charlie continues to play catch with Sam’s ghost every evening. When love comes into the picture, Charlie has to choose to continue living in the past or make the most of the life that he’s been given.

After watching the trailer for the movie, I thought it was the typical dramatic romance, but I actually thought the movie had a Sixth Sense feel to it. All of us were captivated in the plot the entire time. I tried to keep track and am pretty sure I cried unofficially three times during the movie. The main characters were great, and Zac has gotten several points in my “cool” book for pulling his role off so well. If I had to rate this on a 5-star ranking, I’d give it a 4. It’s a great movie to take the entire family to go see.

If you have high schoolers at your house, I’m sure they are probably all talking about this movie. I live with a family with two high school girls, so I thought I’d interview them to see how they ‘re feeling about the premiere. Do they sound a lot like some teens you know?

Mommy Bloggers and Zac Efron after movie screening in LA

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