Chatting with Kaitlin Olson voice of Destiny the Whale Shark in Finding Dory #FindingDoryEvent

Destiny the Whale Shark is a very sweet and adorable new character introduced in Finding Dory. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Kaitlin Olson about her thoughts on voicing Destiny. Kaitlin Olson is a busy working Mom so when she walked into our interview room, she instantly related to all of us and likewise we all instantly related to the “working” mom days of this gorgeous celebrity mom, as she came into explaining her hectic morning rush to the hotel for press interviews after dropping her kiddos off at school. Here’s the scoop on what we found out Chatting with Kaitlin Olson voice of Destiny the Whale Shark in Finding Dory.

Chatting with Kaitlin Olson voice of Destiny the Whale Shark in Finding Dory

I absolutely LOVED Kaitlin Olson. She was down to earth, genuine, and really passionate about her family and children. This no-nonsense working mom is fantastic and I feel like if I knew her in my everyday life we’d be friends!

Take a peek at Destiny below. Isn’t she cute???


When Dory was a little tiny girl fish, both she and Destiny were “Pipe Pals” and were talk to each other through the pipes at the Aquarium. And…. I presume this is how Dory somehow learned to speak WHALE don’t you think?

What lesson about friendship does Destiny and Dory’s relationship relate to kids and adults as well?

kaitlin olson



“Working together for one thing and that family is really what you make of it. If you don’t have one, you can create one with with good people around you, which is really amazing.

Mottos and Messages in the Movie that Resonate with Her


“The just keep swimming thing is a really wonderful. It’s a wonderful thing for everybody to keep in mind. You know, nobody has a perfect life, nobody is, is perfect, and that’s okay. I’m specifically dealing with that with one of my sons who’s just a perfectionist. And he gets so so so upset, I mean even the Legos will fall apart and it really is the end of the world, and he feels personally like he is a terrible person because, like the Legos fell apart.  I’ve been trying to tell him for a long time… nobody is perfect I promise and he does not believe me, he really thinks he’s supposed to be. So that and a message in this movie that really resonates for me personally… is that you don’t have to be perfect.

On Work Life Balance as an Actress

Q: You mention showing your kids, this is what mommy does for work, how do you balance being a parent with your career? 


My kids are one hundred percent my priority, so I don’t take things that will take me away from them too much. I recently agreed to do this pilot called The Mick, it just got picked up on Fox, so I’ll be shooting that next year and, luckily we’re mid season, so it’s just going to be twelve episodes this coming first season.

I said I wanted to produce it so I could make sure that it was not only the vision that I wanted, but that I could also have a little bit of control over the schedule.

I always want to be there for bedtime. There are times when I miss it, but, it’s rare that I go a day without seeing them. If I do, I’m there for- in the morning, you know what I mean. I do the best I can, like everybody does. A lot of working moms are out there. I have the luxury of being able to have them come to me after school and play in my trailer. I can’t always hang out with them, because I’m working, but at least they’re close, and they feel like I’m not too far away.


FINDING DORY swims into theaters everywhere on June 17th!

Note: Disney covered my travel expenses to LA for the Finding Dory Red Carpet event and Disney press junket. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Interview photos from Sara Lundberg /

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