Check out our Duck Tape Hair Bow & Duck Tape Pumpkin Mummy!

How much fun is Duck Tape for kids? I wasn’t convinced until we started doing it ourselves today but this is one craft trend that was easy to adopt. I was pretty skeptical but after today’s results I’m all in the duck tape game!

We just bought a handful of Duck Tape rolls at Walmart (about $3 each) and have immersed ourselves into the world of Duck Tape crafting.


We’re just getting the knack of it — but the kids went all out today with our help googling instructions on how to make a change purse and my favorite -this super adorable Hair Bow. Don’t you love it? And I was excited to see the instructions we used actually came from my friend Laurie’s Tip Junkie site.


Our hair bow is attached to a basic bobby pin but looks so cute in Kenzie’s hair and you could easily put this on top of a pony tail too. We’ll be making many more of these I suspect! Here’s the Duck Tape Bow in Kenzie’s hair. Here’s instructions on how to make a duck tape hair bow.

And here’s our little “coin purse” made from Duck Tape. Kenzie and Kyle both have one now and are obsessed with it.


And yes this little Duck Tape wallet really works – see how you can open it up?

Duck Tape is hosting a Stick or Treat contest – decorate a pumpkin and post your creation online and fill out entry details to win – and of course browse though all the other super crafty designs. They are CRAZY awesome.

My 6 year old opted to do this one all by herself with out any help – a Candy Corn plus Pink Mummy style pumpkin.

Simple to do. We just ripped the Duck Tape for her in strips and let her bandage up her little pumpkin. She added eyes and nose too with a black marker.

Note: When using Duck Tape – ripping it is the way to go. Scissors get gross as it’s way to sticky so they truly just don’t do the job as well as ripping the tape.

Basic for sure, but festive and fun for Halloween.

My neighbor’s girls are serious pros. Take a peek at some of their creations – everything from flip flops to purses to spiders hanging from the trees!

Check out the full details on the Duck Tape Stick-or-Treat Decorating contest here:

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.




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