Check out the "Wife in the Fast Lane" contest!

I promise you will be totally entertained if you take the time to browse this fabulous website promoting the brand new book, “Wife in the Fast Lane,” by Karen Quinn . Classy Mommy can’t wait to read this book as my book club and I absolutely loved her bestselling novel, “The Ivy Chronicles” which we read last spring. All you Mommies or Wives leading wildly busy lives can enter this contest by sharing your, “wife in the fast lane” moments via Video, Essay or One-Liners. The grand prize for the best video is $2000 to spend at Canyon Ranch. There are also fantastic 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners for every category – plus other incentive prizes to keep readers coming back to the website to check out the incredible and hilarious postings Moms and Wives are adding to the website everyday. Personally, I love the one liners as they are short, sweet and perfectly depict the insanity women often feel as they try to juggle their lives.

“Wife in the Fast Lane” will be released in March 2007.

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